State teams


There are four State Team levels U14,U16,U18 and U20. Each age group will compete at either State National Championships or Club National Championships every year in different locations in Australia. In Club National Championships, players will be representing The Adelaide Jets.


Every year the venue of each National Championships changes between states to give all players the opportunity to travel the country representing their state.


The following link will outline the locations of each National Championships for the coming years.



National league


National League runs once a year between January and May, it is comprised of two leagues, Men’s and women’s. The Men’s National League was established in 1990 and the more recent addition of the Women’s National League in 2004.


South Australia’s National League team are called the FYFE Adelaide Jets who have both a mens and womens team. The men have been competing in the League since 1991 and have made finals on one occasion in 2002. The women’s team have been competing since 2005 and have recently made back to back finals appearances in 2012 and 2013.



A grade


A grade is the top level of competition in South Australia, with many of the competitors representing the FYFE Adelaide Jets in the National League competition.


The Men’s League was established in 1959 and the Women’s League has been running since 1962.


The League runs between September and December as a build up to National League.


The leagues consist of 5 teams with both male and female teams competing in separate leagues.





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