National Gradings for Referees


  • Over recent years it has been difficult to gain an impression of Referees abilities from State to State unless they attended National Age Championships.  Last NWPL season the Referees Commission implemented an assessment form that assisted both the Commission and the assessed Referees to gain some feedback and an indication of their ability across the NWPL.
  • At the recent AWPI National conference, Nov 2011, all States agreed to the implementation of a National Grading System.
  • This document details the implementation of that system.



There will be eight levels recognized at a National level.


Level One -         Internationally ranked; referees will be selected, annually, by the National Referees Commission for this level.  The Commission will consider such things as reports from overseas tours and NWPL, assistance for refereeing within State Associations,  refereeing of top grade games within their State, mentoring of other referees, attitude and effort to promote the sport.


Level Two - NWPL ranked; referees will be asked to nominate for this level and depending on recent assessments at either National Age Championships or from within their State, attitude and attendance at National Championships the Referees Commission may accept the nomination.  Referees should be refereeing the top (SL1, A or 1st) grade games within their State in the season immediately before considering a nomination for this level.


Level Three - 20 and 18 and Under Referees; are suitable and have been assessed at this level before nominating for Level Two.


Level Four  - 16 and 14 and Under Referees; are suitable and have been assessed at this level before progressing to Level Three.


Level Five  - State A, controlled by the State Association.  This means that this is the highest level within the State unless you nominate to attend National Age Championships.


Level Six – State B, controlled by the State Association; must reach this level before you can attend Level Four Age Championships.  Attendance at Age Championships does not guarantee promotion to Level 3 or 4.


Level Seven – State C, controlled by the State Association.  At this level you cannot nominate or attend National Age Championships as a Referee.


Level Eight – Community level, entry for junior referees; controlled by the State Association.



Obviously there has to be a period of time where current grading’s are acknowledged and each Technical Director at Age Championships this year, 2012, will be asked to rank Referees according to the above Levels.  Where a referee is considered below the level of the Championships they are attending, they will be counseled as to the recommended level they are considered to be suitable for.  State Associations will be advised of the levels of each referee attending the Championships thru the National Referees Commission.



  • Technical Directors at National Age Championships will provide grading’s at the conclusion of the Championships.
  • The National Referees Commission will accept the State Associations rankings of Referees nominated for National Age Championships.  A Referees grading will remain current as long as they continue to referee at the State level.



For the grading to be recognized a Referee will need to have been assessed within 2 years at that level.  That is, Referees are expected to maintain currency for that length of time; if not they would revert to a lower grade dependent on their involvement at the State level.



If a retired Referee or ex-player wishes to be assessed and return to refereeing they need to contact National Referees Commission and they would organize an appropriate game for an assessment to take place.  They could enter this Level based system at any point dependent on their ability.


Responsibilities of State Associations

At the conclusion of each States Championship a list of Referees who have refereed, and been graded, during that season is requested to be forwarded to the National Referees Commission in the same format that will be used during the National Age Championships.  This format is attached.


Responsibilities of the National Referees Commission

  • The Referees Commission must maintain the register of referees as provided by the State Associations and Technical Directors.
  • Results of Referees grading from National Age Championships must be provided to State Associations.
  • All grading’s and decisions made as a consequence must be transparent and Technical Directors from the various Championships must be encouraged to debrief referees from those Championships.

Play by the rules

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