Stakeholder Feedback Survey Results

On behalf of the Water Polo South Australia Board we would like to extend our thanks for everyone that took part in the Stakeholder Feedback Survey earlier this year.

The survey was commissioned by the Office for Recreation and Sport to obtain feedback from Water Polo South Australia’s membership and stakeholders to:

  • Understand members’ and stakeholders’:

    • Experiences and relationships with Water Polo SA

    • Aspirations for the future of Water Polo SA

  • Measure Water Polo SA’s performance in meeting member and stakeholder needs and expectations

  • Provide indications for how Water Polo SA can better meet the needs and expectations


    We appreciate your valued time in providing us with this feedback and we want to let you know what the findings were and what we are going to do with them.

  • The Board and Executive Officer have reviewed the report and have highlighted some key considerations which I have attached to this letter.

  • Water Polo SA will take a considered approach to the report by focusing on key improvement areas while continuing to improve in what we are doing well.

  • We have recently launched our new Strategic Plan which will support us in providing leadership to all members and stakeholders. This will be reviewed monthly to make sure we deliver on all Strategies.

  • We will work closely with all members and stakeholders to maintain regular and open communication and provide the service and support that is expected.

  • We will develop and implement appropriate programs, services and events to better support clubs and promote the sport.


    We hope you see some positive steps being made in the coming weeks and months.

Play by the rules

 Office for Recreation and Sport