WPSA Referees & Green Shirt Programme

WPSA Referees and Green Shirt Programme

As in any other sport, it is important to respect the referee officiating at your water polo game. There continues to be reports of incidences of abuse and obvious dissent with the game officials which is not tolerated in our sport. Such reports are dealt with swiftly by your Water Polo SA board and club officials.

You may also have noticed recently some fresh new faces refereeing our games wearing green shirts.

In an effort improve our refereeing standards and improve the number of qualified referees, Water Polo SA has joined the SA Government ORS Coloured Shirt Officiating Programme.

New officials wear green shirts.  Please support and respect them through your positive sideline behaviour.

If you see officials and umpires wearing the green shirt, then it's important for you to know they are beginners.  As with any learner, they may make mistakes.

Without officials, sport would not survive, so it is up to the clubs and associations of each sport to build a positive culture of support for officials.

For more information regarding this programme - refer http://www.ors.sa.gov.au/sport_and_recreation/coaching_and_officiating/officiating.

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