Dear members, volunteers and parents

Sarah Kelly finished her role as Executive Officer last Friday 18th January, 2019 . We thank her for her contribution.

We have advertised for her replacement but this will take a bit of time so we need to put into place some interim measures. Everyone will be working hard to ensure that the sport keeps moving but I ask that the community recognizes that we are under-staffed so things may not be attended to as quickly as you would prefer.

If there are issues or complaints please bring them directly to me and continue to afford the expected courtesy to Mel and Anna.

I will step in to the role of EO until a replacement is found. Emails to [email protected]  and [email protected] will come to me

Mel Beames will continue to ensure the efficient running of the remaining summer competitions, high performance and will take on some of the book keeping, banking and invoicing office duties. The Finance Committee will provide her support. Simon West is the contact point for any issues with respect to finance. Mel works a 20 hour week and will not be available on call so if you cannot contact her by phone please email: [email protected]. Mel will also monitor the email: [email protected]

Anna Porcaro is providing support to our social media and communications. She is also engaged to help us with Competition development. Anna is working a 15 hour week. Anna can be contacted on [email protected]. Anna will also monitor the email: [email protected].

Thanks for your consideration

Peter Cleary

President, Water Polo SA