Frequently Asked Questions

New to Water Polo

At what age can you participate?
Kids can get involved in water polo from an early age with the youngest club competition being the 12&Unders. Many clubs and centres also run the modified water polo program FlippaBall, as a great introduction to the sport.

At a metropolitan level competitions progress from 12&U to the 14&U, 16&U and 18&U. Following this, players progress to senior grades.

There are pathways to compete at national club championships in 14, 16, 18 & Under age groups. Opportunities for selection in national squads begin at the 16 & Under age group, introducing players into the national elite athlete pathway.


What do you do at a club?
When you join a club you get to train and play water polo, but playing water polo at a club level also offers a number of other opportunities including:

  • Socialise – Most clubs have a social side which may include fundraising events such as trivia nights, balls/formal dinners, regular BBQs, disco nights, etc
  • Clubs travel to competitions together which provides a great opportunity to get to know other water polo families and athletes that make representative teams experience an array of wonderful opportunities
  • The opportunity to learn from some of the world’s best players by watching or participating in National League competitions.


How often do you train/play?
Like most sports, the amount of training and competition required in water polo varies based upon your age and level of competition. Every club has different training requirements, with training times usually dependent upon pool availability at the local aquatic centre.

Depending upon your age and grade you may compete once during the week and then perhaps on the weekend, with games taking place across the country most nights. There are also state and national championships held for relevant age groups – the competitions are usually held over a weekend or, in some cases, over a week and athletes that are selected for state or national teams will have additional training and competition commitments.


How much will it cost to join?
Every club may have different fees so it is best to contact your local club directly to discuss.

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