Australian Water Polo League

The Australian Water Polo League (AWL) is Australia’s premier domestic water polo competition. Twelve clubs compete in the annual event which comprises of both a men’s and women’s competition.

The AWL provides important competition opportunities for national squad members as well as the next generation of Australian water polo talent. It is truly a national competition, featuring teams from five states across Australia and international players often join teams competing in the league creating a high quality competition.

The competition runs from January to April and includes 11 rounds and 22 games plus a six team finals series.


Adelaide Jets

The Adelaide Jets, South Australia’s only AWL Team are a proud, progressive and spirited club, comprised of players from our State’s four Water Polo Clubs, Tritons, Adelaide Vikings, Henley Sharks and Eastern Saints.

The club is one of the longest standing in National League history, with the men going into their 28th season, joining the league in 1991, just the second year of the competition, with only a slight variation to their entry in 2000 when they were known as the Adelaide/Canberra Jets and the women’s team going into its 15th season, having joined in the inaugural year of the official women’s contest in 2004.