Water Polo SA is requesting an expression of interest for an upcoming Winter Social Competition to be held at Adelaide Aquatic Centre (to be confirmed), Wednesday nights for 5 weeks commencing 29th May.

Depending on interest and numbers the competition could be structured something like this: (however does depend on level of interest playing standard)

  • Mixed Men & Women teams – approx. 30 minute games (6min qtrs.)
  • Rules adapted to suit the level of players and competition
  • 2 games going at same time – (shorter field)
  • Possibility of 2 levels (breakdown will depend on actual experience of participants) e.g.
    • Current B Grade players or past players in last 12 months
    • New players or players who have not played in several years
  • Cost to players
    • Current registered players (2018-19) – pool entry only
    • Unregistered players – $40 plus pool entry (WPA capitation $29 / $11 WPSA to assist with admin/pool hire fees)

This is STRICTLY SOCIAL ONLY COMPETITION to offer opportunities for current B Grade SOCIAL players, past and new players to have some fun whilst enjoying a friendly game of water polo.

Our EO, Mark has volunteered to hop in the pool if any team is short! Please be kind