Return to the Pool

We are working with ORSR and the pools to get us back into the water as soon as possible from June 5th. SAALC is likely to be the only pool we will be able to access from this date. We remain in constant contact with St Peters and Adelaide Aquatic Centre but current they have not indicated when they will reopen. From our discussions with SAALC our access will be limited to 20 people and only a few sessions per week. We will attempt to clarify all details before 5th June, this includes having a COVID19 plan approved by Dept of Health, ORSC and SAALC.

The 20 person limit and access to SAALC only will limit training opportunities however we will work with Clubs, Squads and coaches to make sensible arrangements.

We will be at Level B with respect to the AIS instructions on how to return to sport so our activities will be limited.

Community Individual Sports – Waterpolo

Level A In-water training (solo) if access to own pool only, or open water
Level B

Use of communal pool with limited numbers and distance maintained

Swimming, throwing (passing/shooting) drills

No full contact/defending drills or wrestling

Level C Full training and competition

Keep watching the Facebook page and our homepage for updates.

Please note that SAALC has times available for lane swimming so everyone is free to contact the pool if they want to start getting swimming fit. This is under the control of SAALC so water polo does not have any special rights.


Local Competitions

We are planning on a winter/warm up/social competition followed by our usual Summer competition starting around October however these are all dependent on pool access and what the government will allow.

Realistically it will probably take a month from any announcement from the government to starting competitions. We will work with the Clubs to bring competitions back as quickly as is possible.

The Board is aware that many people have been hit hard financially by this crisis so we do not want to place unrealistic burdens on parents and players. We are looking at options take these circumstances into account when we start registrations and competitions. We will keep you informed.


National Competitions

There is a meeting between WPA and the States on Thursday 28th where we hope to clarify what are our targets for the remainder of 2020. We are pleased that WPA has scheduled the AYC for January 2021 but other competitions remain uncertain especially with limited pool access and State borders closed. 

We will keep you informed of any developments.