Dear Players, families and volunteers,

Water Polo Australia today announced the immediate cancellation or suspension of the AWL, National Championships and related activities as the sport’s part in helping Australia reduce the spread and impact of COVID19. Whilst this is disappointing to everyone, we are not alone as many sports and other  activities are following the same path.

The Board of WPSA has also decided to suspend from today to all local competitions, including finals and training sessions for the foreseeable future. Again this is a precaution but one consistent with schools and other sporting organisations in SA . It is uncertain how long this suspension will be necessary so it is not possible to advise whether or not we will be able to resume this season or whether it will be cancelled. We will keep you informed as matters develop.

Again this will be very disappointing to our athletes who have trained hard and earned the right to play in finals but the health and welfare of our entire community must come first.

Please get this message to your Clubs and WPSA will post it on our homepage and Facebook page shortly.


Peter Cleary
[email protected]