WPSA – 2020-2021 SEASON

Dear Members,

The new season is just around the corner…and to get as many of us back into the pool – post COVID19 – our  Clubs/WPSA have re-structured parts of the competition. to provide opportunities for everyone.

OPEN COMPETITION – ‘FAST FIVES’: The Open Competition starts in October culminating in a Lightening Carnival in mid-December at SAALC. The Competition will be split into Division 1 and Division 2 (Men & Women) with a Division 3 (subject to numbers of teams being entered by Clubs). This Competition will then revert to a B Grade Competition extending to May 2021 in the New Year.

UNDER AGE COMPETITION:  There will be a normal 18&U, 16&U and 14&U competition starting in mid-October.

12&U COMPETITION: The Clubs agreed to a ‘Come & Try’ Competition for 12&U participants until Christmas with a formal competition for these players after Christmas.

COVID19 IMPACT: COVID19 has made a significant impact on ‘how’ we go about this season from pool availability to contact tracing!  We are required to play our part in this as we get back into the pool.

QUESTIONS: Any questions on the 2020-2021 Competition should be directed to ([email protected]).